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As for image quality that is a key of ultrasound diagnosis, EUB-7000HV displays all modes in high-sensitivity and high-density. It is equipped also with a zooming function HI Zoom unique to Hitachi. Friendliness is pursued by mean of the M-mode Navigation that shortens examination time. EUB-7000HV, which is further compact compared with that of conventional models, easy-to-handle even in a narrow space such as the bedside and user-friendly, enables a high-level diagnosis.
Also, the Real-time Tissue Elastography that visualizes the distortion of tissues and provides stiffness information can be incorporated as well.

Medical equipment approval/certification numbers in compliance with Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act (PMD Act) of Japan
218ABBZX00168000 Digital Diagnostic Ultrasound Scanner EUB-7000HV