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EUB-405 PLUS is a portable linear-convex electronic scanner type ultrasound unit built in with a 9-inch observation monitor.
This unit is small and light-weighted, but capable of connecting a high-density multi-element probes, and realizes sharp images of better resolution by incorporating high-definition ultrasound conversion technologies such as a variable receiving aperture, dynamic focusing and so on.
In addition, it is equipped with various measurement and calculation functions, so it can be used in a wide variety of applications such as the abdominal and obstetric areas and so on.


(1)Small and light-weighted

Width is as small as about 30cm, weight is as light as about 13kg.

(2)High-density multi-element probes, broad band probes and image processing

S/N and resolution have been improved by means of using a high-density multi-element probe and high-precision ultrasound conversion technology. Also, advanced image processing technologies further improve image quality. In addition, since a wide band probe is used, two-frequency switching can be made with a single probe.

(3)Large screen

A small body, but a built-in 9-inch observation monitor allows observation with a large screen.

(4)Additional probes

Since two types of probes can be simultaneously connected (optional) and these can be switched on the control panel, it can cope with the purpose of examinations quickly.

(5)Substantial measurement functions

Measurement of distance, area and peripheral length as well as estimation of fetus weight can be made. Also, besides graphic display of the fetus standard growth curve, it can be used for a wide range of diagnosis such as the urologic measurement function.

(6)Six function keys

Since image parameter setting, body mark setting, measurement function selection and so on are displayed on the screen clearly, the machine can be controlled simply and easily.

(7)Steering function

Since panel operation can steer the display range when using the wide field-of-view transvaginal and body cavity probes, an area as wide as 200° can be diagnosed easily.

(8)Annotation function

Since names of major organs and so on are memorized, the name of any organ can be easily displayed on the ultrasound images.

(9)Remote controller

The unit can be controlled remotely, so it is convenient to use it in the obstetrics and gynecology consultation room, operation room and so on.

(10)Image memory function

With an image memory (optional) combined, the cine memory function, multi-memory function and long M-mode display can be made.

(11)Printer port

With a parallel printer unit (optional) incorporated, an obstetric report and graph can be outputted as they are.

(12)An adaptable exclusive cart (optional) can be moved smoothly.

Medical equipment approval/certification numbers in compliance with Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act (PMD Act) of Japan
20400BZZ00881000 Ultrasound Diagnostic Scanner EUB-405 PLUS