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Scenes from the exhibition

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X-ray systems booth




At the X-ray systems booth, we exhibit the latest product, Radnext Plus, the general radiography system, EXAVISTA, digital X-ray TV system, Selenia Dimensions digital mammography system, and Sirius Ubiquitas2 mobile X-ray unit. 

The Radnext Plus general radiography system is equipped with FPD and allows confirmation of the images as soon as the radiography is finished.  The system exhibited here is combined with the ceiling-travelling type X-ray tube support equipped with a LCD monitor displaying radiographic parameters. 

You can make smooth positioning for radiography with the one-hand grip while confirming radiographic parameters. 
You can experience the light operation using the actual system by yourself.
EXAVISTA is a digital X-ray TV system incorporating FPD and its tabletop can be made as low as 48 cm. The X-ray tube assembly can be brought to the same distance to either the head or toe edges, and so, you can switch over the position of the examinee between the head and toes according to the examination purpose.  An FPD covering a field-of-view of 42cm x 42cm is newly incorporated.  You can see at this exhibition that this system can accommodate to various examinations.
We also exhibit the VC-1000 system capable of recording and playing back fluoroscopic images from the X-ray TV system, keeping the level of high-definition.  This system is capable of simultaneous recording of 2 images, for instance, one radiographic image and one endoscopic image. Please, visit our X-ray systems booth full of the latest product lineups and try to dream of an ideal X-ray examination environment for you.


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CT booth




At the CT booth, we exhibit “SCENARIA” 64-channel multi-slice CT system, “Aquarius H-Premium SI” 3D workstation and “3D Realizer” displaying 3D images with a stereo viewer. 
SCENARIA is a CT system that allows 0.35s/rot imaging of not only the heart but also any area of the whole body using the advanced high-speed data sampling technology and the CORE method, which enables high-pitch imaging.  This year, we additionally exhibited “IntelliIP” the noise reduction processing system applying the iterative approximation, the horizontal bed sliding mechanism and the technology to reduce the exposure dose with the Cardiac Bow-tie Filter during cardiac imaging, together with many images. 
Also, we introduce you to the CT console and the iPad the functions that improve the workflow of cardiac imaging such as the “Cardiac Conductor” which automatically sets the optimum scan parameters from the examinee’s heart rate during cardiac imaging and “CardioHarmony” which automatically extracts the optimum cardiac phase from the entire heart movement after cardiac imaging.
Furthermore, the “3D Realizer”, which displays 3D images in a stereo viewer using exclusive 3D goggles and monitor, attracts attention.  By creating 3D images which have different viewing angles and looking at images through exclusive 3D goggles, images are displayed 3-dimensionally and it makes it easier to discriminate the depth of overlapped blood vessels and so on.  We expect this “3D Realizer” to become effective for use before and during surgical operations in the future.


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MRI booth




This year, we exhibited a new face “ECHELON OVAL” 1.5T superconducting MRI system.
A feature of “ECHELON OVAL” is the oval-shaped wide bore gantry “OVAL Patient Bore”, which has realized a patient-friendly examination environment. 
The shape of a human body lying on the bed is oval.  The oval bore, aiming to achieve a comfortable examination space, has extended the examination space by approx. 40cm as compared with that of the conventional 60cm bore systems.  There is a good enough space longitudinally and laterally for accepting even a large frame examinee. 
In the head/neck area imaging, the WIT RF Coil System (WIT: Workflow Integrated Technology), in which high-sensitivity receiving and workflow are compatible, allows imaging of the head, head/neck and neck areas with the optimum sensitivity distribution only by re-mounting the Upper Head Coil, Upper NV Coil and Upper Neck Coil on the Head/Neck Coil placed in the lower area as their base.  Also, in abdominal area imaging, even higher sensitivity imaging has become possible by combining WIT Spine Coil built-in to the table and Torso Coil placed on it and winding the flexible coil structure around the body trunk. 
The detachable WIT Mobile Table reduces risks of examinee’s belongings being adhered to the magnet because the examinee can get on and off the table outside the examination room. 
In addition, the WIT Mobile Gantry allows easy connection even when approached from an oblique direction.
“ECHELON OVAL” incorporates plenty of the latest imaging applications.
“RADAR” is a motion artifact reduction function using the radial scan technology with Hitachi’s advanced techniques.  It can be applied in a wide range regardless of the sequence and imaging area and is highly effective in routine imaging work. 
“μTE” has shortened TE (echo time) to its minimum utilizing radial scan technology.
As imaging with extremely short TE allows delineating low signal tissues such as the Achilles’ tendon, an application in the orthopedics area is particularly expected.
In addition to these, “ECHELON RX” 1.5T superconducting system that is enjoying a good reputation now is exhibited, and a variety of information such as many different recipient coils and clinical image display by workstations will be exhibited.  There will be so much for you to see and experience!


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Ultrasound booth

This is the first exhibition for Hitachi Aloka Medical at ITEM. We are exhibiting Diagnostic Ultrasound System, bone densitometers, and survey meters.

The Diagnostic Ultrasound System corner exhibits 7 models.

Firstly, the new product “F37” ultrasound diagnostic system is compact with the width of 43 cm and depth of 58 cm, thus can be installed even in a small space such as in a consultation room. The freely-customizable operation panel provides a simple and comfortable environment for troublesome measurement operations, improving the examination efficiency. In addition, the broadband harmonics (BbH) makes both sensitivity and resolution performance possible, to depict images with fewer artefacts.

Next, the blood vessel and circulatory organ corner exhibits “ProSound F75” and “ProSound α7”.
“ProSound F75” has been developed for the purpose of providing images with high diagnostic capacity and more comfortable and more efficient examinations. With the Full Aperture Apodization (full-element-weighted transmission and reception), images with high resolution performance with effective focus on every corner of the image can be obtained. Furthermore, the flexible monitor and operation panel can be freely adjusted in a wide range, and therefore, each operator can choose the optimal position to use them without taking unnatural postures. “ProSound α7” has accurate performance and functions in its compact and highly-portable body. With any scanning methods, it realizes wide general versatility and high exclusivity by means of well-balanced high-quality images and abundant optional software.

At the abdomen and mammary gland corner, we exhibit “HI VISION Ascendus”.
“HI VISION Ascendus” was developed as a premier machine by aggregating the collective effort of the Hitachi group including all research laboratories of Hitachi, Ltd. Further enhancement of image quality is realized using a new ultrasound transmission and reception circuit and ULTRA BE II, the high-speed and broad band signal processing circuit. It also includes a wide variety of new application performances such as 4D elastography.
Elastography, which we productized for the first time in the world in 2003, is now widespread by other manufacturers as well and is already used as part of routine examinations in the mammary gland field. We are trying to widen its application to diagnosis of type C hepatitis in the abdomen field, which is a bigger market, for the purpose of expanding its subject fields. It is available for you to experience at our booth! Real-time virtual sonography (RVS), which exploits the fusion with other modalities in treatment, is also exhibited here.

At the superficial/orthopedic corner, we exhibit “HI VISION Preirus”, “HIVISION Avius”, and “ProSoundα6”.
“HI VISION Preirus” is a system that provides high image quality realized by totally renewing everything from the probe to hardware and software. The monitor and panel can be simultaneously moved by one movement only, enabling adjustment of the positions corresponding to various examination postures. With the touch panel embedded in a large screen liquid crystal monitor, operations during the observation of images without looking away from the monitor are feasible.
“HIVISION Avius” is equipped with the latest digital technologies and realizes high-precision ultrasound beam formation and high-level image processing. In particular, functions such as the latest third generation tissue harmonic functions (HdTHI) and adaptive imaging functions (HI REZ) are concentrated in its compact body. Moreover, Real-time Tissue Elastography can be incorporated. The Elastography in the superficial/orthopedic field is exhibited here.
“ProSoundα6” can exert high performance in various fields despite its compact body. “ProSoundα6” is highly acclaimed also for its design, which has taken ergonomics into consideration so that fatigues felt by the examiner can be reduced, having won the 2010 “iF Award” (iF Product Design Award 2010).


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Bone densitometer / Radiation measurement system booth

Next, the bone densitometer corner exhibits three models.
The new product, “AOS-100SA”, an ultrasound bone evaluation device propagates ultrasound to the heel bones, measures the acoustic velocity and attenuation, and evaluates the status of the bones. As there are few limitations on the place of use and handling is easy, it has been used in many occasions from daily examinations to health checkups.
The x-ray bone densitometer, “DCS-900EX” measures the lumbar spine, femur, and forearm bones. As this system measures the regions of broken bones, which are the complications of osteoporosis, it is highly effective for clinical use.
Furthermore, “DCS-600EXV”, the bone mineral densitometer measures the forearm bones in approximately 15 seconds. The forearm bones are insusceptible to bone deformation due to aging and this device is suitable for the elderly.

Finally, the radiation measurement system corner exhibits survey meters, a pocket dosemeter, and a Curie-meter.
There are a variety of different survey meter models that can be chosen depending on the purpose and application of the measurement such as surface pollution measurement and dose rate measurement. “TGS-146B”, “TCS-316H”, and “TCS-173C” are suitable for the measurement of surface pollution while “ICS-323C”, “TCS-172B”, and “PDR-111” are suitable for the measurement of the dose rate.
In additions, “My Dose Series”, the pocket dosemeter for personal exposure dose measurement enables observation of the accumulated dose in real time. We have several models available to accommodate to the types of dose, which is subject to measurement.
The Curie-meter, “IGC-7F” measures the amount of radioactivity in radiopharmaceuticals. It can be used not only for the 8 nuclear species generally used in nuclear medicine but also for 89Sr and 90Y, which are used as β-ray therapeutic medicines, and positron nuclear species. A wide variety of calculation functions such as half-time correction and calculations of concentration and dosage amount are incorporated as a standard.

Experienced staffs are waiting to serve you, ready to show you any additional information required on their iPad at every corner. Please drop by!


展示会写真 展示会写真


Medical information systems booth




At the medical IT corner, we introduce the featuring functions for individual solutions for each visitor to our booth mainly with as the new product, “Image Concier”, the next generation’s imaging system, “Hellseher Next”, the next generation type health checkup total support system, and “Hi-SEED AS”, the electronic medical chart system. 
“Image Concier”, the next generation imaging system is well reputed by many users for its operability in addition to its good design.  In particular, the new function, “Clinical data cockpit” is reputed to be effectively utilized both at the outpatient department and inpatient wards thanks to its capability to check easily the examination history on a single screen.  Through demonstrations related to the cooperation between Image Concier and the All-in-one Web-type electronic medical record “Open-Karte” using the actual system, you can have a concrete image of the operation in the consultation room.
Also, we have received many visitors from health checkup centers to our booth, and they appeared to have a deep interest in various sophisticated functions such as the easy-to-see examination pass-through control and the process chart screen of Hellseher.
For the solutions for clinics, we exhibit the seamless environment from imaging orders from Hi-SEED AS electronic medical record for clinics to image referencing at NV-Light, under the name of “Digital Clinics”, and many of our visitors so far, now have high expectations that they can totally rely on Hitachi , including imaging diagnostic systems.


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