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Hitachi Medical Corporation

Investor Relations

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January 13,2016
July 21,2015
February 6,2014
January 30,2014
December 20,2013
November 13,2013
March 4,2011
January 25,2011
December 28,2010
December 7,2010
November 30,2010
November 26,2010
November 17,2010
November 8,2010

Corporate Governance

The management philosophy of our company and the attitude toward the corporate governance as well as the implementation status are described in details.

Financial Highlights

Major financial indicators are described.

Business Report

The business lines, messages toward shareholders, financial status, topics of our company and so on are described.

Stock Information

The current stock information is described.

IR Calendar

Data regarding IR from the past up untill the immediate recent such as the data related to financial statements are available to see.

IR Policy

We are committed to carry out IR activities based upon the basic policy herein described and are aiming at being a corporate who can obtain stakeholders’ trust and sympathy.


Frequent questions regarding IR are described in Q&A form.

Exemption clause

Cautions related to future information are described.

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Corporate Information

Here is the basic corporate data of Hitachi Medical Corporation.

Here is a message from President and Chief Executive Officer.

Inquiries regarding IR