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Hitachi Medical Corporation

Corporate Profile
Company name Hitachi Medical Corporation
Date of foundation 9 May, 1949
Capital 13,884 (million of yen)
Number of Employees
( as of March, 2015 )
5,502 ( Consolidated )
2,096 ( Non-consolidated )
Business Medical Systems:
Diagnostic ultrasound systems,
MRI systems, X-ray CT systems, X-ray systems,
Nuclear medicine systems, Radiotherapy systems

Medical Information Systems:
Medical administration systems,
Hospital information systems,
Medical image management systems,
Comprehensive medical checkup systems

General Analysis Systems:
Radiation measuring instruments,
Radiation control instruments

Medical Analysis Systems:
Laboratory test systems, Pipettors
Board of Directors
(as of 1 June, 2015)
Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer Akio Yamamoto
Executive Managing Director Ryoji Sasaki
Executive Managing Director Tsuneo Maeda
Board Director Yoshifumi Ito
Board Director Masahiko Tagami
Board Director Yasuhiko Taniguchi
Board Director Nobuya Yamada
Audit and Supervisory Board Members
(as of 1 April, 2015)
Audit and Supervisory Board Member Shuichi Sato
External Audit and Supervisory Board Member Nobuyuki Osakabe
External Audit and Supervisory Board Member Ichiro Kanomata
Location of Operations Head Office: Tokyo
Manufacturing facilities:Kashiwa City, Mobara City in Chiba
Regional Branch offices:12 major cities throughout Japan
Local Sales and Service Offices:59 locations throughout Japan
Major Consolidated
-Hitachi Aloka Medical,Ltd
-Hitachi Medical Computer Systems,inc.

-Hitachi Medical Systems America, Inc.
-Hitachi Medical Systems Europe Holding AG
-Hitachi Medical Systems (S) Pte Ltd
-Hitachi Medical Systems Middle East S.A.E.
-Hitachi Medical Systems (Suzhou) Corporation
-Hitachi Medical Systems (Beijing) Corporation
-Hitachi Medical (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd.
Address(Headquarters) Akihabara UDX, 4-14-1, Soto-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0021, Japan
Major Clients National and other public hospitals,
University hospitals,
General hospitals, Private hospitals and clinics, etc.

Head Office
Head Office

Kashiwa Works
Kashiwa Works

Mobara Branch Works
Mobara Branch Works